Annalie is a registered massage therapist, graduating from NatureCare College of Natural Therapies in Sydney and holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage.

With seven years plus in the Wellness Industry, Annalie has created her own unique and intuitive approach providing the highest quality of service to her clients.

Annalie uses a combination of deep tissue, myofascial and relaxation techniques blended into her remedial treatment. This promotes the parasympathetic nervous system enabling the body to switch on its own healing system by activating and releasing endorphins, the feel good hormones. Annalie prides herself on helping to de-stress and relax her clients in mind and body. 

Annalie has always genuinely wanted to support people on their wellness journey promoting the ability to live well, work well and play well.

She has extensive experience in treating people from all walks of life, Those suffering from burnt-out executives, exhausted mums, tired tradesman and working women.

Helen is a highly qualified and registered massage therapist who graduated from one of Australia’s pre-eminent associations - ‘NatureCare College’. As an experienced practitioner, Helen holds diplomas in both Remedial Massage and Reflexology. In addition, Helen has extensive training in complimentary therapies including - Trigger Point Therapy, Sports, Relaxation, Pregnancy and Fixative remedial massage.


Practicing for many years, Helen has continued her ongoing professional development and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her beautiful practice on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. A peaceful environment is central to the massage experience to enhance your sense of wellbeing.


Her philosophy is grounded with the belief that with the right technical applications and necessary strength, the body has the ability to heal. With an innate understanding of physiology, Helen is dedicated to employing proven techniques to help treat various ailments and body pain. Locating the cause of your musculoskeletal pain and then treating it by blending the release of muscles and calming the para sympathetic nervous system is an integral part of each treatment.

In an ever increasing fast paced world where people are overworked & have less time to pay attention to their health, Helen offers each client a treatment tailored to their specific needs. Helen's ultimate goal is to achieve positive results by releasing joint restrictions with ease of movement being the ultimate goal